Servicing your motorcycle is not rocket science. In fact, a lot of basic servicing tasks are things you can do at the comfort of your home with the user manual and end up saving a few bucks. Each manual specifies the period after which you should service your bike – it varies depending on the CC of your bike.

Reading your user manual is crucial to learn how to handle different motorcycle parts, how to change fluids, intervals of changing them, reinstalling nuts and bolts, and so on. As we all know every part wears gradually however, with proper servicing your bike will last a little longer giving you stress-free riding experience. In this article, we’ll ponder on simple must-do servicing tasks:

●     Change the oil and filter

Changing the oil regularly ensures your engine runs properly, extending longevity. Some manuals recommend doing this after several thousands of miles. Perhaps you do not reach the required limit, at least once a year should work.

To do this, first warm up your bike for about five minutes to lower oil viscosity and haste the process. With the bike standing upright (your engine should be off), remove the drain plug and oil fill plug so the oil can flow into the drain pan. Install a new filter and refit the parts you had removed. You can now refill using a funnel with the proper amount and type of oil as indicated in your user manual.

●     Install a new air filter

Your air filter should be clean and free from clogged material to keep debris from your engine. This is done at the airbox, however, you may have to remove other parts to get to it. Be keen to refit everything you took out after replacing your air filter.

●     Occasionally refill your tire pressure

Keeping track of your tire pressure helps you eliminate chances of getting a flat, or an unpredictable grip. It is about proper inflation. Pressure readings are most correct when your tires are cold, with a few hours of inactivity. Otherwise, warmed up tires are likely to record inflated pressure reading. Use a quality gauge to check your tire pressure and adjust it according to your owner’s manual or the sticker on the swingarm.

●     Change the coolant

The coolant keeps your engine from overheating, freezing, or corroding. Therefore, a coolant flush will prevent the anti-freeze from becoming acidic. This should also be done as often as your owner’s manual indicates.

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