Why 0800 Phone Numbers Are Still Attractive?

As we all know, we are living in a digital era where social media platforms and emails have changed the way we communicate with each other. In addition, people are sending millions of text messages every day. However, there are situations when making an ordinary phone call is much more efficient. This is especially true when people are trying to make sure that something is done in the right way. Let’s not forget that this is a real time conversation which lets participants understand the content of the conversation in a better way. In other words, there is less room for mistakes and misunderstandings when you are making phone calls.

However, there are many people who are avoiding phone calls because they believe that they are still very expensive and when we compare them to (relatively) free communication tools like mobile apps and emails, we can understand these people. The situation is even worse when you need to make longer calls. But, this is where 0800 numbers come into play.

Even though 0800 phone numbers are present on the market for many years, many people are still not familiar with the way they are working. They are advertised as free phone calls, but someone has to cover the cost, right? Generally speaking, these special numbers are paid and managed by the individual or organization receiving calls on this special number. So, the caller doesn’t have to pay anything for this activity.

Obviously, companies and other organizations are using 0800 numbers for a good reason. They know that some of the individuals who need their help don’t want to spend money on long calls. In addition, some companies use these numbers as a customer service/support line and forcing people to pay while they are looking for help for an issue caused by company’s service or product is not fair.

As a matter of fact, most companies can benefit from this practice because having such phone number can help client retention. In addition, many charity organizations use these numbers to encourage people to make donations.

It’s also good to mention that many individual users are opting for 0800 numbers. This is a great solution for a personal line of people who are receiving calls from their family members who don’t have enough money to pay costly phone bills.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the things that make 0800 phone numbers attractive.

MyFord Touch

Many cars are utilizing the latest technology to make your driving experience more convenient. From Bluetooth to Pandora to even downloading your address book to your car, there are so many ways you can do almost anything your phone can do, through your car. Today over 40% of mobile phone users have smart phones. But what if you have not jumped on the bandwagon and you still use a low tech phone? Are all of these handy features lost to you? Well, not necessarily.

Many cars use on in-car communication and entertainment system. Ford’s is called My Ford Touch, it was developed by the Ford Motor Company and Microsoft. My Ford Touch can do everything from providing navigation, to using voice commands to communicate with your car, to connecting to audio devices such as phones and MP3 players. Ford has taken the time to develop a web site that will help cell phone uses see just what phones will work with what features of My Ford Touch. Some phones can utilize all features, while others, only some. And yet others are not compatible at all. Syncmyride.com is the place to see what features you phone will work with, or to even find a new phone that will allow you to get the most out of the system. Ford does not endorse any phones on this list, and has simply taken the time to test these phones in order to provide you, the customer, with the best up to date information when understanding how your phone can work with the system and when choosing a new phone.

If you are still pretty happy with your old style flip phone, but would like to utilize some of new features available to you on this system, there is one phone that Ford has tested that keeps the learning curve down, and the usability up. The LG Cosmo 2, available with Verizon, keeps it simple. While it does the look, and many features, that a smart phone does, it also keeps the choices simple. It has a regular keypad that you can use for dialing, a slide out keyboard for easy texting, and a few simple smart phone style options like emailing, social networking options, plays music and even has a camera. Ford does not endorse this phone, but simple tested it, along with many other phones, and found this particular model to be very user friendly for those that prefer a less techie phone, but can still utilize many of the features in My Ford Touch.

How to open your own hotline at 8-800 number: yourself or outsourcing?

Yes, it is now usual corporate whim- to have a hotline for customers in order to draw a solid image of a large-scale company in the eyes of the people. Do you need it? Customers, counterparties, the employees of your company will surely say that it will be necessary, and they will be right!
Step towards the creation of a private hot line is not only dust in the eyes and comfort of their own ambitions. From a business point of view the opening of the toll free line usually means the organization of business processes aimed at customer service and counterparties. Very soon such a policy results in a reduction in the cost of labour and the relationship. Customers, including potential, rather begin to call to the sales department, ask questions, get more qualified standardized answers that, ultimately, are converted into increase in sales.

Where should you start the organization of the hot line?

First of all answer the question for whom and for what it will be used. Most often, hotline (hereinafter GL) works for the following audience segments of the company:
– Potential customers;
– Existing clients from the database of the company;
-Spam calls. The essence of any GL- to make input channel applications single to make a granny-potential customer and your supplier, and seller of goods chancellor call the same number. This scheme of building a business allows you to:
– Stop wasting money on accommodation. The company has one phone number (optional 8-800), and all other numbers are internal.
– To deliver non-core employees from work on the phone;
– To standardize information, this is used to advise clients and potential contractors.
– Enhance the reputation of the company.

What is the phone number 8-800: how to connect and who pays for free calls?
Number 8-800 is free for any caller. But traffic is not free; therefore the receiving party pays for the calls. Payment is made to whoever provides the number; the most often it is some online service with which you conclude contract for the purchase and number service. This operation is simple from the point of view of the organization and does not require special knowledge, anyone can buy number 8-800.

Is number 8-800 required to open up your hot line?
The opening of GL does not require just a number 8-800. However, numerous studies show that people are willing to call a toll-free number, sometimes just to ask about that later develops into a sale. If you don’t work at all the country and build sales solely inside your city, you may not need 8800. Take a regular number and not spend the extra money.

Start your call centre to handle free business calls from the hotline in two ways- based on server solutions in the office or using a virtual PBX in the cloud. If you are expecting hundreds of calls per day that it is necessary to arrange them in a managed queue and you will need to configure a complex voice menu- buy a server, install and you can work. Otherwise, search for a service via the Internet, register online, buy a number (or join the already purchased one), download the voice greeting and your hotline is ready.

5 Top Alberta Internet Service Providers

You have several good choices for an Internet service provider (isp) in Alberta. Different companies may offer different services so before you begin your search you should have a good idea of what you need or want in an isp. For instance, a business account would typically have different needs than a residential account would. Perhaps you want VoIP or you want a symmetric or bonded DSL.

Of course price would likely figure into your decision as would the company’s reputation. Jot down some things that you need or want so that you can keep your search organized.


Distribute is a top Alberta internet service provider. They have several service packages that are affordable and have no cap. Payment for residential service is done through direct withdrawal. Servers are not allowed and customers must rent the modem, they cannot use one that they own.

But there is no deposit on the model rental. There are five email addresses provided and 25 megabytes of webspace, but no anti-spam or usenet is available through this isp. Customer reviews are favorable in regards to the service and pricing but they do cite lengthy waiting times for talking to customer service.


Comwave cites itself as being the largest privately owned telecommunications company that specializes in VoIP. With only DSL services, the prices are fair. This is one of the few providers that accepts American Express in addition to Master

Card and Visa. They do not allow servers and modems must be rented. Owned modems is not allowed but there is no rental fee for the modem, it is free with the service.

There are no anit-spam services or webspace provided, but there is usenet available as well as VoIP. Business service is slightly higher with no set up fee. They do allow servers but the remaining services are mostly identical to the residential services. Customer reviews are mostly favorable except for the sometimes inconvenient wide window of time that customers are given for service or set up.

TekSavvyCable, dial-up, DSL or wireless, this isp has it all and their prices are very reasonable for both residential and business services. Many customers report good customer support that is knowledgeable and friendly. Set up is reported as quick and easy. They allow servers and you can own your modem or rent it with no deposit. They also provide anti-spam services, three email addresses, usenet access and 5 megabytes of webspace.

MCS NetMCS has several very affordable packages. Customers can choose wifi or cable for their internet. Customer reviews are mostly favorable citing good, easy access to customer support. They also report little downtime and fast connection speeds. Customer in more rural areas also report great service with very little downtime or dropped service. The service people are consistently praised by customers who say they are knowledgeable and very friendly.


Slamhang is a very affordable isp in Alberta, but they are also a top Edmonton internet service provider. They offer DSL for residential and cable and DSL for business. For residential services they do not allow servers or owned modems, but modem rentals are free with the service. Slamhang does provide usenet access and webspace. Ants-spam services are also available. Business accounts are allowed to own their modem. Customer reviews are outstanding, very positive. It seems that Slamhang customers are consistently happy with their isp services.